What to Expect During Our Visit

What to Expect During Our Visit

5 ways to prepare the best environment for your cat’s exam

Thank you for your interest in Cat's Cradle. I look forward to seeing your kitty/kitties! Here are some ideas to make everything run smoothly for our visit:

  1. If you can, let your cat roam free with me in the room while I arrange my work items and a take a thorough history. This way they can smell my things and play a bit with a toy I bring while I prepare, allowing minimal handling and restraint.
  2. If your kitty is a runner, you can block a main exit or keep them in a separate room until I have finished organizing and talking with you, then we can bring them in for the exam. This allows me to talk more with you about all concerns you might have about their health.
  3. If I will be getting urine from your cat, it is ideal to keep them in a room without a cat box for approximately 2 hours before I arrive to ensure there is urine in the bladder.
  4. Please prepare a countertop or table where I can place a yoga mat for the exam. This allows me to get a more thorough exam of all body systems.
  5. If you feel you cannot or do not want to hold your kitty during the exam please let me know and I can arrange a technician to accompany me.

If you are a new patient, please make sure to fill out the New Patient Form

It is important to me to keep you involved, so please email, text or call me with any questions. Thanks and see you soon!

Christina Kirsch DVM