Looking for Feline Care You Can Trust?

Cat’s Cradle is for true cat people in Belgrade and Bozeman MT

Cat's Cradle is officially a Cat Friendly Practice, designated by the American Association of Feline Practitioners!

Being a Cat Friendly Clinic means taking a holistic approach to the feline patient by considering cat behavior such as their roles as both hunter and prey, their territoriality, their highly advanced sense of smell and their history into account before and during treatment.

All employees at Cat's Cradle are adept at proper feline-friendly handling and strive to make each visit to your cat's home anxiety and fear-free.

And last but not least, we fully understand the cares and concerns cat people have for their furry friends.

Dr. Christina Kirsch will also be attending the AAFP 2017 Conference on Feline Infectious Diseases and Pediatrics in Denver, Colorado.