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I have had the pleasure of Dr kirsch working on my best friend TURBO now for the last 2 years and have the privilege to say many cats now have a very professional doctor by their side.

Joel D.

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Dr. Kirsch has come to my home multiple times and my cats absolutely love her! They get extremely stressed when I take them out of my home. So this service is such a life saver. I always try to clip my cat's nails and it is a struggle and a wrestling match every time. But my cat's love Dr. Kirsch so much, they are totally relaxed while she clips their nails. It is so wonderful to have all that care brought right to my home. And it's a bonus that Dr. Kirsch is such a lovely, caring person. I cannot recommend this business enough

Karey M.

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My cat has always hated riding in the car so I thought I would try the new house call veterinarian in town. What a fabulous experience. Dr. Kirsch was punctual, friendly, and compassionate. She did a thorough examination, we talked about preventative medicine, and Dr. Kirsch even trimmed my cat's nails which our regular vet could never do. Best of all, my cat was relaxed and even purred. Thank you Cat's Cradle for taking away our anxiety about going to the vet!!

Patti B.

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Teena has been my veterinarian for many years. Her compassion and knowledge has been a blessing to our family. She has always been available anytime I have a question or a problem - I would recommend her to anyone who considers their cats as members of their family.

Kellie H.

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This service is literally the cat's meow! I'm a foster mom of 2 kids and the last thing I want to do is take them to another "appointment". We have way too many of those as it is. Love that Dr. Kirsch makes "house calls"!

Larisa B.

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Teena has been such a great person to have in our family's lives! She has been very loving and caring toward our cat. Our cat is the kind of cat that will fill the bottom of the cat carrier with urine on the car ride to the vet. With Teena, we have been able to eliminate those traumas for us and our cat. Thank you for the years of relief!!

Brad V.

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Teena is amazing, our little Santana was SO sick, she came over, gave him medicine, fluids, and showed me how to give him antibiotics for 10 days. He is all better now and I'm SO thrilled we didn't have to take him out of the house.

Angie C.

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I just acquired a little kitten that was found on the ranch that I work for. Teena was fantastic in taking good care of Minni for her first vet appointment.
She was kind and professional. Would highly recommend!

Angela B.

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