3 Big Benefits of Mobile Veterinarian Services in Belgrade, MT and Bozeman, MT

3 Big Benefits of Mobile Veterinarian Services in Belgrade, MT and Bozeman, MT

1. Relieve your kitty’s stress when you schedule at-home feline care

Every cat owner is familiar with the struggle of dragging a cat to the vet for annual exams or medical treatments. Cat’s Cradle comes to you, so your cat can remain in its home environment. Make your cat comfortable by calling an in-home veterinarian for pet care in Belgrade, MT and surrounding areas.

2. Receive cat care if you’re unable to leave home

Vet visits are stressful for you and your cat. Mobile pet care is a great solution for:

  • Older or immobile pets
  • Pets who are terrified of traveling or vet visits
  • Aggressive pets
  • People who are busy or have unpredictable schedules
  • Families with young children at home
  • Owners who don’t drive

If you have multiple cats, it’s nearly impossible to take them all to the vet at the same time. At-home feline care is a great idea for multi-pet households. Contact our mobile veterinarian today to schedule pet care for all of your cats.

3. Reduce the risk of spreading contagious diseases

When your cat has a contagious disease, it’s best to leave it at home for their safety and the safety of other kitties. At-home feline care allows your cat to receive medical care in the safety of their own home.

Cat’s Cradle is located in Belgrade, MT and serves the surrounding areas, including Bozeman and Big Sky. Call us when your cat is under the weather, and our in-home veterinarian will get your cat back on the road to recovery.